Sunday, February 23, 2014

Hello Young Womens!

So guess what is the FIRST thing I did now that I'm back in YW?  Yep - I updated the bulletin boards  LOL!  I started with the boards inside the classroom.  I found some super cute clip art from Jello with Green Carrots.  Fortunately I purchased them as soon as I saw them because that Etsy site has since disappeared.  Anyway, here's a picture of our Values board inside the classroom:
I think it turned out so super cute!  There's a girl for each value color and then a description of the value next to her.  And the best part of it is, it will be relevant the entire time I'm in YW so I won't have to keep updating this board  :)
The next board took a long time but I'm IN LOVE with how it turned out!  First I took up-close pictures of each girl to hang on the chicken wire.  Most of them didn't want their picture taken so I took a lot of pictures of each girl and let her choose the one she liked best.  I didn't post any pictures that the girls didn't like.  I figured if they didn't like their picture they wouldn't like the board so that was my number one priority!  Here are some of their pictures - aren't they beautiful?!
Next I got the supplies including burlapsilk flowers, and wooden frames.  I found everything on sale or super cheap.  I already had the chicken wire.   I painted and distressed the frames to give them the country look I was after.  Then I printed out a bunch of gospel quotes about the inner beauty of Young Women to put in the frames and hung them with twine and wooden push pins.
I added embellishments like the flowers and the fence (which is faux wood scrapbook paper glued to cork board that I cut out).  I even found some rustic keys at Michaels to hang on the fence!
I inked some paper letters to make the perfect sign with our ward name on it  :)
And here's our finished board!  I hate the silver frame that comes around the bulletin boards so I made a larger black frame to really offset the board and make it "pop" 

Here's a view from down the hall a bit.  Sorry about the weird looking wall.  Our building has textured wall coverings that do strange things in photographs.  We love how the board turned out so I'm keeping it through the end of 2014!

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